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Frequently Asked Questions

Guests: Guests are FREE members who do not have any recurring fees–they’re simply pay-as-you-play members. Guests do not receive any discounts for scheduled events or drop-in play and pay a higher rate per hour for court reservations.

Flex: Flex membership is geared more for those who want to play in scheduled events (round-robins, drop-in play, etc) but may not be as likely to reserve courts for individual play. Flex members pay a discounted, recurring membership rate. They receive discounts for scheduled events and enjoy FREE drop-in play. They pay a discounted hourly rate for court reservations. 

Classic: Classic membership grants the highest level of access to the club. It is for players who are interested in participating in scheduled events and/or are regularly reserving courts for individual play. Classic members pay a recurring membership rate and receive discounts for scheduled events and enjoy FREE drop-in play as well as FREE court reservations.

Technically, no. Although we consider guests to be members of the club, guests do not pay a recurring membership fee–they’re simply pay-as-you-play members. We welcome players of all levels and backgrounds, and offer both drop-in sessions and court reservations to guests. Simply click on Reserve a Court. You will be required to register and sign our Terms of Use waiver if you haven’t previously done so. It doesn’t cost anything to register.

Mini events are smaller-scale competitions held throughout the week. They are designed to provide players with a fun and competitive atmosphere to showcase their skills. Some events held regularly are Round Robins, Cream of the Crop, and Moneyball.

Drop-in play is a scheduled session with an open format. Players must register for a spot in the drop-in session but it doesn’t require an individual court reservation. Registered players simply show up and rotate in and out to mix and match with other players. You can come with a partner, as a group, or even by yourself. It is a great way to meet new players, get some exercise, and have fun!

There will be 185+ hours of drop-in play scheduled each month. Drop-in play is FREE for both Flex and Classic members.

Yes, we offer court reservations for both club members and guests. Reservations can be made in advance through our website or by using the CourtReserve app.

We offer various options to learn and improve your pickleball skills. We partner with the Suzee Anderson Pickleball Academy to provide clinics, private lessons, and group lessons. All our club coaches are PPR trained and certified. We have a beginner’s class that teaches the basics of scoring and playing, offered to new players at no charge.

Yes. Contact us via our chat service (bottom right of screen) or email us at hello@pickleballbackyard.com for more information.

We are open 24/7/365. You can make a reservation and access the facility with a code at any time. We hold staffed events during regular business hours.

Court reservation costs vary depending on membership. Membership rates and guest fees are published on the home page here.

The CourtReserve app is a convenient tool for reserving and managing court bookings right from your mobile device. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and search for our facility to make your reservations.

We recommend that you bring comfortable athletic clothes, non-marking court shoes, a water bottle, a few pickleball balls, and your paddle.

Click on Join Now or Reserve a Court above and create a profile in CourtReserve for Pickleball Backyard.

Go to CourtReserve’s event page and select the specific drop-in session you’re interested in to see how many have signed up and how many slots are still available.

All players need to have either an active membership or pay as a guest to receive a valid entrance code. Observers who do not play are allowed without a fee. As agreed in the Terms of Use and posted at the facility, a violation fee will be charged to the account of anyone granting access to another player without a valid entrance code–also known as piggybacking, which is not allowed.

A valid entrance code will be sent via email or text when you make a court reservation.

You will receive your entrance code via email as soon as you reserve a court. The code will be activated for use 15 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation and remain valid through the end of your reserved time. It can be used more than once during your reservation (in case you forgot something in your car, for example).

Watch this short video to see how to do it from your mobile app or browser.

Court availability is available on CourtReserve. Registered guests and members can access CourtReserve on a mobile app or by clicking on Reserve a Court or Member Login here on this website. Registering as a guest is quick and doesn’t cost anything other than signed consent to our Terms of Use.

For greatest convenience, we recommend installing the CourtReserve app on your mobile device. You can also access CourtReserve from our website by clicking on Join Now, Reserve a Court, or Member Login.

Guests pay the published hourly guest rate to play regardless of who reserves the court.

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