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If you've never played in a league...can you really consider yourself a pickleball addict?

Upper Divisions (Men's & Mixed)

  1. DUPR rating is required for each team member
  2. When combined DUPR is greater than 14, you’re an Upper Division team

Lower Divisions (Men’s, Mixed, Women’s, Junior)

  1. Lower Division: combined DUPR <= 14.00
  2. Any player without a DUPR rating will be assigned a 3.5 rating (NOTE: This will handicap teams with players who have no DUPR rating. Need to establish your DUPR rating? Sign up for a Duelin’ for DUPR event at The Backyard!

League Rules

  1. All DUPR ratings determined by mydupr.com
  2. All games are self-officiated
  3. Match will consist of 4 games played to 11, win by 2
  4. Point differential of all 4 games will be used as tie breakers when needed
  5. Scores/Results will be entered & tracked on Global Pickleball Network
  6. Team Captains are required to register and will be responsible for entering or submitting their team’s scores
  7. Regular format (not MLP)
  8. Each player plays 2x with different partner
  9. Play schedule will indicate opposing teams

Games will be governed as follows

  1. Play schedules will be provided at the event just prior to play
  2. There will be HOME and VISITING teams
  3. VISITING team will be whichever team is listed first on the play schedule
  4. VISITING team announces their players for the game
  5. Once the VISITING team announces their players, the HOME team decides which players to play against the visitors
  6. VISITING team picks side or serve
  7. HOME team picks remaining choice of side/serve
  8. Each player must play two games within the match but cannot play with the same partner for both games

Example Matchups

Men's/Women's Games

Game 1: T1(M1/M2) vs T2(M1/M2)
Game 2: T1(M3/M4) vs T2(M3/M4)
Game 3: T1(M1/M3) vs T2(M1/M3)
Game 4: T1(M2/M4) vs T2(M2/M4)

Mixed Games

Game 1: T1(M1/M2) vs T2(M1/M2)
Game 2: T1(M1/F1) vs T2(M1/F1)
Game 3: T1(M2/F2) vs T2(M2/F2)
Game 4: T1(F1/F2) vs T2(F1/F2)

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